Through client consultation and consideration of the (technical) importance level of locations and structures Radiolines can schedule and implement a maintenance regime that will ensure the maximum life span and operational effectiveness of your investments. Alternately we can provide experienced staff to fulfil the requirement of your existing maintenance program. In each case the client is provided with a detailed record of structures and or systems status to assist in forward planning.


Radiolines crew are equipped with a variety of vehicle and plant configurations. Crews are formatted in a way that permits a high level of responsiveness to serious system issues caused by vandalism or extreme weather conditions in all parts of the state. Radiolines crews are equipped to deal with a wide range of fault conditions including structural damage. We can also provide temporary system augmentation at short notice.


Radiolines is an experienced system auditor for national compliance recording systems such as MERCS, as well as providing specific system data to meet a client requirement. Our crews are equipped to provide a detailed electronic reporting and photographic record directly from site if required. This capacity enables prompt and efficient optimisation and or remediation works to be carried out.