This is an area where Radiolines combines the use of in-house skills and equipment with a selection of specialist suppliers and contractors to provide solutions to a wide variety of access and geotechnical situations.


While the popularity of standard concrete raft and pier foundations continues, Radiolines also has extensive experience with “rammed earth” and Grillage foundations suited to very remote locations. Radiolines has constructed counterweight foundations on rooftops and prestressed car park slabs. We have also designed and constructed foundations for ecologically sensitive sites to be transportable and ultimately removable.

Structure Erection

Rather than specialising in and promoting a specific structure type, Radiolines has experience with a wide range of radio system infrastructures; not only familiar dedicated structures such as poles, masts and lattice towers but also the full gamut of builds on existing structures as diverse as rural grain silos to high rise rooftop installations in the CBD. Whether the requirement is an auxiliary installation in the CBD or a remote location guyed mast Radiolines has the resources and rigging experience to erect the structure type suited to a client’s requirement.

System Installation and Testing

From the familiar UHF/VHF radio comms systems using coaxial feeders, to 4G mobiles systems using Hybriflex fibre composite cables and Remote Radio Units, Radiolines have staff experienced in installation, termination and compliance testing of pressurised elliptical and rigid waveguide. We routinely perform and provide test results for: Return Loss, DTF, RET and intermod on coaxial systems, as well as fault finding on composite fibre cables.


Radiolines holds specific WorkCover certification, and appropriately ticketed staff for the safe and compliant demolition and removal of all radio structures, including towers and masts. We can de-commission, remove and remediate a redundant site with full compliance to statutory and environmental requirements and standards.