Environmental Protection Policy

Radiolines Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that work activities undertaken by the company, its employees and agents are performed in a manner not likely to significantly impact on the environment and that are in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. Radiolines Pty Ltd is committed to continual improvement in minimising environmental impacts through regular review of all operational and administrative activities in order to plan, implement and re-evaluate policies and procedures which will determine the company’s future environmental impacts.

Radiolines Pty Ltd recognises that work undertaken by the company may have some potential to impact on the environment. Any work that is deemed to have an impact will be subject to Council approvals, and Radiolines will at all times comply with the terms of the approvals/licences. In addition, Radiolines Pty Ltd will continuously review work practices in to comply with updates or changes to the appropriate legislation and standards which aim to identify hazards, assess associated risks and where necessary, develop measures to control excessive risk to the environment.

It is the responsibility of management, supervisors and employees to understand their roles and responsibility with respect to the protection of the environment while performing contracted work tasks. The environmental management practices of Radiolines Pty Ltd will be developed in consultation with management, the client representative and all likely affected parties. Where environmental issues arise, they will be dealt with openly and in consultation with these parties.

Radiolines Pty Ltd commitment to complying with its policy on environmental matters will be made transparent to all clients. Prospective clients are welcome to see this policy document as evidence of the company’s commitment and practices.